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Len (left) KD7ZRC & Harold (right) K5MES
NAHN Co-founders

Chuck Jones - KE7ZWP
Week 1 Controller

Kristine Souza - KI6YYW
Week 2 Controller

Benton - KF7QLP
Week 3 Controller


Now who could ever resist checking into a Net with such great looking Net Controllers? Join the North American Handshakers Net every Tuesday at 10 PM Eastern / 7 PM Pacific Time. There is always a great trivia question to spark those thinking processes. Circle your calendars and make Tuesday night your Net night. The NHN is on the Western Reflector....node 9250. If it is not on a repeater in your area, simply find a repeater that has IRLP access and dial into the Western Reflector...Again, that's Node 9250! SEE YOU ON THE NET!!