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Below are all of our Ham Shack photo collections. In this area we are putting in photos that all of you have submitted for your Ham Shack.....Either fixed or mobile. Everyone, including the WWFN staff are eligible. You can also send in a vote for your favorite Ham Shack photo.... Oh yes....Click any photo to enlarge.

Current photo of Keith Hardin's (KZ8H) Ham Shack. Both portable rigs are sitting on the upper shelf on the right.

This is my sound processing equipment that sits to the right of all of my ham gear.

Behind my ham gear is the computer I use to process audio files and such.

James Andrews Shack

Here is Chuck Jones's Shack (KE7ZWP)....The nerve center of the WWFN.

Alan Ogburn's Ham Shack.

Mike Russell
My regular Operating Shack in a Cupboard housing the FT8900 for 2-6-70 and 10 meters

Mike Russell
Alternative set-up is my Office, with the Computers and the 2 Handy Talkies FT60 and the Chinese MAGICSUN (beufong).  I Hope you  notice I am Showing off the WWFN on the Acer Laptop, (it pays to advertise) Hi. 

Mike Russell
I like a simple arrangement so as not to upset our neighbors. You see a Diamond 60 Collinear with 6mtr radials at the base, the 10 meters Ant is a mobile  magnetic mount sited onto a metal plate as part of the bracket, all operate well.

My name is Paul Walker and my call is KC8SLZ. This is my ham shack KC8SLZ. My shack consists of:
Bottom row: Icom IC-7000, Yaesu FTM-350R, Digital volt meter for power supply MFJ-1024, active antenna, Ameco TPA, Alinco DX-R8, 3 amp radio shack power supply and an external speaker. 2nd row   : AOR AR-2500, Radioshack Pro-2055, LDG Z-11 Pro 2 ATU, and an MFJ-929 ATU. Top row: Small Radioshack CB, external speakers, and a Pyramid 26kx power supply. Above that are my antenna switches, I can put any radio on any antenna I want from here, a headphone jack box, small stereo amp and a wireless headphone transmitter. I also have several hand held radios including 2 Wouxun dual banders and some communications receivers. I am visually impaired, so this is my window on the world and what a world it is!

Tony Ciathos
Here is my shack.
Ignore the bowing shelves they are quite safe!!

Glen & Rosi at Christmas

The one where we are having a toast, we were in a fellow hamís RV at the Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum (MARM) ham fest and having a toast with yet another ham who was on his sailboat further north (using 80m).

The remainder we were with the Explorers RV Club in the town of Trehurne Manitoba.  The buildings are made from empty bottles.
We just finished taking a few pictures of our shack and us so here you go.
Jan & Roy
We just finished taking a few pictures of our shack and us so here you go.
Jan & Roy
We just finished taking a few pictures of our shack and us so here you go.
Jan & Roy
We just finished taking a few pictures of our shack and us so here you go.
Jan & Roy

Jan & Roy....Mobile 1
An old photo of my shack. It's far worse now! Chaos reigns!
Andy M1VIP

Hereís another one. Shows both my desktop PCs (Echolink and regular PC), the TS-2000, and my FT-11R HT that I talk on the link with. My computer monitor with the Echolink program running.
God bless & talk to you soon.
Mike Maisin (M1MWB)

From Terry Hill, N0PQV. This picture catches a glimpse of our Lookout Mountain 12 miles to the west of Denver  overlooking the town of Golden...The tallest tower is used by 3 of Denver's major TV stations. ch 4 ch7 ch9..@ about 8,000ft   3,000 higher than my qth.




Here's a shot of the N3FT shack

This is Bob (KC4FNE) located in Blacksburg, Virginia, one of your regulars on the Worldwide Friendship Net.  I just wanted to forward a photo of the ham shack for your consideration to post in the "My Ham Shack" section.

The following is a description that could accompany the image:

These are the core-components of Bob's (KC4FNE) Ham Shack.  The rig to the right is a Kenwood TS-690s used exclusively for PSK31 work. The rig in the center is a Kenwood TS-850s used for HF-SSB and the rig to the extreme left, which you can only see part of, is a Yeasu FT-736r for VHF/UHF work.  To round things out, there is an iPad for ECHOLINK.


Joe KT7JOE in his Las Vegas Ham Shack

Paul Waddington Shack - M6WAD
I use a Kenwood TS-590 to a vertical, comet antenna. I also have the Yaesu FT-7900 to a Comet GP-15 antenna.

Erik - WX4ET's Shack

Les - K6DFW Shack

Les - K6DFW Shack