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Keith - KZ8H
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Into Amateur Radio!!


Michael - K5WRN
Sunday - 1

Roy - W8MRW

Keith - KZ8H

Joe - KK7Z

Larry - KD8RER
Thursday - 1

Roy - KD7WA

Dave - N7DWL

Geana - KD7GEC
Sunday - 2
Guess Who

Check in on the WWFN. We have a different Net Controller each day. There's always something to talk about!
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Chuck doing what he does best!!
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Don't be afraid to ask if you need help. That's what we are here for. If we can help write Keith - KZ8H at kdh@thehardins.us     .

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Other Fun Photos

Dave Wright (N7DWL) at Crater Lake

Pig Roast 2014
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Here we have a gallery of our newest photo sent to the WWFN Site. From left to right wew have Mike, VA7UW, and his Jeep. Joe Ruby ought to like tht shot. Nest is a photo of Andrew, 2W1DXV, and it looks like he and Rande have something in common. The last two photos are of Rosi and Glen and their visit to Las Vegas. You can click any photo to enlarge for better viewing.....ENJOY!!

We Love LIFE & We Know How To Live It!!

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With IRLP and Echo Link together we are now bigger and better than ever. The Net is all about you and what goes on in your life. Now that we have more nodes on, come and join us and join in on all of the fun!