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In this area are photos and comments from people who listen and participate in the World Wide Friendship Net. You can have your photos and comments placed in this area be submission to Keith D. Hardin (K8KMS) at   . Just click or copy the link and send. We will let you know when we have your goodies on the Site...Click any photo you see on this page to enlarge....And thank you for being a Friend of the World Wide friendship Net!!

Michael Fritz - K9SFC

Mike Fritz - K9SFC

Hello, My name is Mike, K9SFC. I'm a retired US Army SFC, Sergeant First Class I live just south of Las Vegas Nevada in the friendly, small town feeling, Henderson. I've been working IRLP and Echolink often and having a great time. Equipment wise, I have a Yeasu VX7R with a Diamond Tribander Mag mount that gets the signal out pretty well. Looking forward to getting my first HF rig so I can start exploring that part of the hobby.

73's...MIKE K9SFC

Bill Rothery - VA6GRZ

Bill Rothery - VA6GRZ

Hi, I have been a ham since May 2002, with basic classification, and hoping to get HF privileges with year (2012). I operate on VHF with my ICOM IC-27H FM mode, as my base station, w/ a 1/4 wave antenna, and hoping to change that this year with a 9 element vhf yagi model # A144Y6/9, which I acquired from my wife's uncle in British Columbia. For my mobile station I use a Yaesu VX170 handheld with a TRAM mag mount antenna, and 12 volt DC adapter for power. I enjoy using the IRLP nodes 1068 & 1870 mostly, and sometimes on Echolink node 575447 (mine). I usually am on the Worldwide friendship net on IRLP node 9251 on weekend mornings and days off, and the Say Good Morning with Radio net on node 9668 the same times. I am a member of NARC (Northern Alberta Radio Club), and ARES Edmonton Region. I sometimes check into those nets, NARC on Tuesday 19:30 147.060 MHZ, and ARES net Sunday 20:00 147.240 mhz. I am also on 147.330 which is connected to 147.060.

I am married, since June 2005, to Tracy, and we are proud grandparents to two grandsons, since June 6 & 15,2011, the youngest lives with as well his mother. Her youngest daughter. Oldest daughter is about 5 minutes drive from us. I also have a son, 21,who lives in my previous hometown of Courtenay, B.C.

My other hobbies are: playing music on my Bass Guitar mostly and sometimes my 6-string acoustic guitar. They are a Fender BG-31 4-string acoustic bass, a Profile Black Magic 4-string electric bass, through a Yorkville Bassmaster 100, and a Peavey Briarwood acoustic guitar. I love to play in the rock genre, mostly classic rock and blues. And have a huge love for rock trivia and like reading autobiographies of my favorite artists. We also like to attend concerts locally and occasionally abroad. I also enjoy playing Table Hockey on a STIGA, and am a member of the ETHL (Edmonton Table Hockey League) since 2007. I also like to golf, go camping, and bicycling. I am an avid sports fan, mostly NHL hockey and CFL football.

73 de VA6 GRZ

Mike Biasin - W1MWB

Mike Biasin - W1MWB

I was born on August 23rd 1968 to parents John & Sherri Biasin in Natick MA. I was born and still am legally blind due to an optic nerve that never developed fully. I moved to Sanford Maine when I was 3 and then to Shapleigh Maine at the age of 10. I currently live on the coastal town of Wells, in the southern part of Maine in a building next to my church, Mt Zion Chapel, where I attend, play keyboard and sing. I co-host a weekly radio program called “The Spirit Calls”,  sponsored by our church. I have been an Amateur Radio Operator since 1989 and currently hold a General class license. Along with phone operations on 20m and above, one of my favorite activities is talking to people around the world through my simplex Echolink station. I am a net controller for the *HANDIHAM* daily nets on Wednesday, and hang my hat largely on the *WORLD* conference server where I helped start the World Friendship Nets. My website is and I am on Facebook and Google Plus.

73's, Mike

Mike Russell - G0UKM

Mike Russell - G0UKM

Hi,    Licensed in 1992 as G7NZL . I gained my present call sign, a 12 wpm CW Pass 2 years later.  Riding Horses on the Pennine Hills of North West England allowed me to use my Handy Talkies a Kenwood TH27E and an Yaesu FT60 as an Equestrian Mobile , if I remember Harold K5MES was a contact and many others using VOIP through Node 5450 (G4ZPZ) Repeater.     My vehicle mobile is  an FT7800 and Home Base an FT8900 Quad Band through Triband Ant and dedicated 10mtFM Ant.      Although I retired from Riding Horses I still walk the Hills I rode using my faithful FT 60 for Contacts ,including the Friendship Net which I enjoy very much,  my Computer and Echolink also come into use.    My taste in Music is Middle of the road, and love the Jimmy Webb songs sung so well by Glen Campbell,    I love Jimmy's song "The Highwayman" sung by those top singers The HIGHWAYMEN...Rickey Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings and of course the man in black Johnny Cash, sent as a YOU TUBE Feature.    Married to Rosemary for over 50yrs, and a lovely mixed family that have produced us 7 beautiful Grandchildren.   The area I live in of North Manchester, Ramsbottom (BURY)  is famous for Sir Robert Peel who formed the British Police Force in the 1800s,  he was born locally and a Monument known as the PEEL MONUMENT was erected on the local HOLCOMBE HILL in the 1800s, in his memory,    73 you may be interested in the 2 pics attached.   May I wish you Worldwide all the best for the future.....73  

Mike Russell   G0UKM 

Click link to see video: 

Click photos to enlarge

Hi, Found this pic of the last horse  I owned and  rode, its me on the left riding "Bertie" a Cross Bred Clydesdale, a real powerhouse, but also a Gentle Giant .My Riding pal Paul Smith is riding an Arab Equine named "Vivaldi", we are in the Watergrove Valley of the South Pennine Hills, NW England.  Had a wonderful 40 yrs in the Saddle..       The Web additions are coming on well Keith, its going to be quite an interesting site to peruse through.   Hope you can add my pic to my section...regards and thanks   Mike  G0UKM    73


Joe Mayo - KK7Z

Joe Mayo - KK7Z

Hello all, I am K7GZZ, Joe from Las Vegas.  I am the guy who often checks in while bicycling in Red Rock.  I'll be turning 50 this year, so I'm trying to ride as much as possible to stay healthy.  The areas that I ride have very limited cell coverage, probably less than 20%.  But with my Wouxun ht, I have 100% coverage. I really enjoy listening to the WWFN and knowing that if I was ever in need of assistance for myself, or anyone else, I have all of you riding with me !  My wife also enjoys bicycling, but of a different kind.  We have two 4 wheel pedal cars, see here. 

By trait, I am a Casino Host.  I also enjoy photography.  I don't sell any of my photos, but please feel free to look as much as you like.   I hope to update with new pics soon.

As far as radio, I started around 1971 on cb radio, KND3893 was my call sign.  I still have my Demco Super Satellite Base !   For ham, I got my first Wouxun h/t in June of 2011, then a Yaesu 7900 for my jeep.  and recently added Echolink to my connectivity.  and to end with one of my favorite sayings , Do what you Like, Like what you Do ,  Life is Good !   73's to all ! 
K7GZZ is clear and monitoring !

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Hi, we are pedaling one of our 4 wheel bikes in snow canyon Utah, there is a paved bike path that goes 18miles around the park, very scenic. .  I have a link on my bio to several more pics of the pedal cars.  we have a ton of fun with them.  The lovely woman in some of the pictures is my wife. We have been together 17 years now.  My how times flies !   

The boat pic is out at Lake Mead, it is about 30miles east of Las Vegas and is the largest man made lake in the country.  Due to the desert climate, the water is crystal clear.  It doesn't have the green algae and such, just clear water. I don't have the boat anymore, but I still rent boats on occasion.  Owning a boat...  boat stands for Bring. Out. Another. Thousand.    and it is so true !

Andy Evans - M1VIP

Andy Evans - M1VIP

Hi, I'm Andy Evans M1VIP, K1VIP, M3VIP, 2E1VIP & 2E1KQ. Recovery/breakdown technician at FAM Recovery after 25 years as a Ford engine management technician. Committee member of the West Manchester Radio Club ( Currently working in the Bolton area. Transmitting APRS every 30 mins from my Kenwood TM 710 and monitoring GB3PZ, IRLP nodes 5450 & 5400. Echolink node number = 273438.

I took my US Technician licence at the Ripon/Darley radio club supervised by the US military guys from the base at Blubberhouses, North Yorkshire

Just discovered geocaching, (we all love gadgets). Found over 1000 under the username of tech17.

Speak to you soon, Andy

Click to find out where I am at the moment.

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Ian MacPherson - G4ZPZ

Ian MacPherson - G4ZPZ

Hello. my Name Is Ian My call Sign Is G4ZPZ my (USA) Call is K4ZPZ I am the Trustee and keeper of GB3PZ Repeater here in Manchester (UK) Node number (5400 & 5450) I am also Trustee and keeper of Repeater K4ZPZ In Orlando florida (USA) Node Number( 4949)  I  connect my 2 Repeaters on the friendship net on a daily bases The Picture Attached is from My Repeater In Orlando Its On Top Of the Marriott Building At 480 ft High About 80 Miles coverage, Keep Up The Good Work Kind Regards Ian. G4ZPZ-K4ZPZ

Here is a link to our Repeater here in Manchester (UK) GB3PZ Repeater.  We  run live streaming audio 24/7 It also as a monitor showing all connections. put this on the website. Enjoy Ian



Lynn Fogle - KC2ZJW

Lynn Fogle - KC2ZJW
Lynn & Jim Fogle

This is KC2ZJW from Absecon, New Jersey, 6 miles west of Atlantic City, NJ known as the Worlds Playground.  

My husband, Jim, KC2YRV, was always interested in radios and communications.  We met in 1990 when he was a Radio Shack manager and I bought a scanner.  I had been a telecommunicator and an EMT, so there was always a radio in my ear.

His interest was peaked, after we discovered the North American Handhshakers net, by just listening around the bands. He got his tech. ticket in early June of 2010.  He was invited to attend Field Day which of course was later that month.   We did almost everything together, so I went with him.  We were welcomed with open arms and renewed a friendship with someone with whom we lost touch.  That person is Howard, KC2TYZ. 

After a few months, I got my ticket and an now studying to upgrade to Extra.  

As some of you may know,  we eventually became net controllers for the North American Handhshakers net, as is Howard.  My love for amateur radio and IRLP was sealed!  Jim also dabbled in graphic design and the design you see for this website was his as is the one for the North American Handshakers net.  It is a great and lasting tribute and I appreciate it being used.

In September of 2011 while getting ready to do an amateur radio event, Jim suffered a heart attack and is now a silent key. 

I am the Secretary and Acting Vice President for our club, the Southern Counties Amateur Radio Association of New Jersey, where we are very proactive in promoting the hobby and goodwill in the area and we do at least one event monthly and hold a Hamfest in July.  You can find us on the web @ and on Facebook at

73 to All


Lynn & Jim Fogle

George Muenster - WD8GEO

George Muenster - WD8GEO

My name is George and I became a licensed amateur radio operator in February of 2010. I am a pharmaceutical sales rep and I'm in my car most of the day. Having a HAM radio sure makes the day go by fast. I talk with people all over northeast Ohio, as well as the WORLD!! I am using a Kenwood TM-D710 dual band radio along with a TE Systems 1412G amplifier (, Comet CA-2X4SR dual band wide receive antenna, as well as the Super-M Ultra Mobile antenna, made by MP Antenna (

I have become very interested in the IRLP, Echolink, and AllStar Link aspect of the hobby. Its amazing how you can connect all over the world, the best part is you don't need any towers or big antennas!!! To connect to Echolink and IRLP, I use a micro-node ( My IRLP node number is: 7117, my Echolink node number is: 44119, and my AllStar Link Network node number is: 27897 (

I am also interested in APRS (automatic packet reporting system). When you click the "where am I now?" tab, you will be able to see my location, IN REAL-TIME!! plus routes I traveled in the past. WD8GEO-9 is the mobile, and WD8GEO-1 is the home base. If your interested to see who is APRS active in Northeast Ohio, go to the ARES District 10 website (, and on the left hand column, click APRS (you'll also get a lot of excellent information on the site regarding ARES and various activities). Thanks for stopping by and checking out WD8GEO's "APRS-in-the-Mobile" site.

Please join us every THURSDAY evening at 9:30pm (est), that's 2:30UTC, for the: "ROUND-THE-WORLD QSO" This net meets on IRLP micro-node reflector 9669. Echolink users may also join in by using the U-NODE conference, that is node number 412778. The U-NODE conference is a bridge to the micro-node reflector. So we have local and world-wide stations connected, IRLP stations connected, and Echolink stations all connected at once.

Click any photo to enlarge

Kristine Souza - KI6YYW

Kristine Souza - KI6YYW

Hello, I am still fairly new to the ham world.  My husband got his technician license in February of 2009, I got mine in May of 2009.  He upgraded to General in December 09, then our daughter got her license February, 2010.

We have a funny story about our "ham shack" or in our case a ham "shelf"!  My husband got his first radio and the best location in the house for it was at my computer desk.  He started with a 2 meter radio and a power supply.  Then we got the 70cm radio. We had to rearrange a few things, but it fit in the designated space I had allowed on "my" desk, so all was well.  Then I got my license and we have the scanner, another power supply and his HF radio, miscellaneous keys for his practice on CW and a few other miscellaneous radio items, still in the allotted space on my desk. 

My husband thinks it is too crowded, so he is banished to the couch with his HT, and I get all the radios at my desk!  I think it works well!! (He does banish me from my desk when he wants to get on HF.  I guess I can deal with that!)

Now that our daughter has her license, all of our friends are asking her where her radio is going to go.  I guess we can add a shelf on top.

I hope to talk to all of you on the Handshaker Net on IRLP on the Western Reflector every Tuesday Night 7pm PST. It is a worldwide trivia net and a lot of fun!

Kristine, KI6YYW

Kristine & Daughter

Click to enlarge
Kristine's daughter served as substitute Net Control on several occasions on the North American Hand Shaker's Net.

Stuart Andrew - G3SNA

Stuart Andrew - G3SNA

I was licensed in October 1963 and have been active more less all the time since then. I have experimented with most of the old ham bands and had a great time back when 10 metres was open worldwide. I gave up HF band operation about 20 years ago having got fed up with the background noise and too many Italian stations with big signals (they get the grey line earlier than we do and hence the propagation). I have been on VHF and UHF ever since. As a computer designer spending all day and every day with the beasts it took a long time for me to acquire the desire to get involved with home computing but eventually it did. I have been enjoying the use of computers in ham radio for some years now and find it a great way of extending the hobby for noise free communication around the world regardless of the solar cycle.

73 de Stuart G3SNA

Michele Moore - KD8RHM

Michele Moore - KD8RHM


Greetings to all! I hail from Dayton, Ohio, and excluding the few years spent in Virginia and North Carolina, have been here most of my life. I have had a wacky and exciting life so far, including jobs such as weaver, waitress, chocolatier, and Renaissance singer. In the spring of 2008, I was lucky enough to travel to London, Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam. I have an associates degree in fine arts and am currently working on a bachelor's in nursing. The last couple of years have seen me through a divorce and nearly joining the USAF until discovering my job limitations due to hearing impairment.

I have a huge array of interests and hobbies; the current ones include knitting, houseplants, interpretive hula hooping/dance, playing at open mic, and, of course, amateur radio. I love all that is weird and wonderful, trying to keep an open mind free of judgment. As a future nurse, I hope that my humor and sense of adventure can help many during the healing process. I have been a ham for only 2 months, but have enjoyed every minute of it! I hope to hear you on the air.

All the best, Michele

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Joyce & Joe Ruby - KC7LRS/KC7GHT


Joyce & Joe Ruby  KC7LRS/KC7GHT

Hello from Joyce, KC7LRS and Joe, KC7GHT Ruby in Phoenix Arizona.  We have been enjoying the worldwide Friendship Net for over a year and half now . We feel like we know many of you, and appreciate Keith putting this web site together.

We have lived in Phoenix for 43 years and have been Hams for 17 years. We enjoyed the year round outdoor activities, such as horseback riding with our own horses  - Arabian, Appaloosa, Tennessee Walker .  We rode our Harley Davidson motorcycles over 100,000 miles, and now go Jeeping  throughout Utah, Colorado, Arizona. and Northern California.  Rover (our 1982 CJ7 Jeep) has over 277,000 miles of 4-Wheeling. We also enjoy fishing,  target shooting (we are members of the NRA, and are studying for our CWP concealed weapons permit), camping,  radio controlled model airplanes,  boating,  water skiing, country music,  and photography.

We lived in Columbus Ohio for four years, saw some lovely scenery and enjoyed meeting wonderful people. Our dear parents all came out to visit us and the high lights for my folks was going on vacation with us to Lake Cumberland  in  Kentucky with the boat, and sightseeing in Tennessee.  Dad and Mom were  so impressed with all the helpful, friendly people in both states.

Before leaving  Northern  California,  Joyce worked at Sacramento and at Chico, California as a long distance and teletype operator, and she also worked at Ohio Bell.

But we longed for warmer summers and warmer  winters with more outdoor activities, so Phoenix, Arizona was chosen to be our lifelong residence. Joe originally was from Cosmopolis, Washington  and  I was from Red Bluff, California. He worked at Bell Telephone Laboratories after graduating from Ohio State University  with a Masters in Electrical Engineering. Upon moving to Phoenix in 1968, he worked at Goodyear Aerospace, then Sperry Flight Systems, which changed to Honeywell,  where he achieved eight patents and numerous technical awards.

This month (January, 2012), we will celebrate 49 wonderful years of marriage. Joe and I have loved all of our special  dogs, cats, and horses. God has surely blessed us in so many ways.  Our very best to all the listeners and net controllers, and Gods Blessings to each one.

See more info on our repeater system at under my call KC7GHT

Joe on Hearth Arch in Utah. This arch has now collapsed! Joe and Rover playing in the Arizona snow.
Joe and Rover on the Devil's Crack on the Moab Rim Jeep trail. Colorado River below. Joyce on sleight ride in White Mountains, Arizona on the Apache Indian reservation.
Joe on the Top of the World Jeep trail ledge.
Hover your mouse over each photo above to see the caption. Click each photo to enlarge.

Don Espensen  - W7NLV

Don Espensen  - W7NLV



Hello to all my friends on the Worldwide Friendship net. My name is Don Espensen and I live in North Las Vegas, Nevada. For those of you who don’t know North Las Vegas is a city in itself north of Las Vegas. I was raised in Dayton, Ohio and moved to Vegas in November of 1989. I worked as a security supervisor for 16 years in one of the major casinos on the strip. I’m now retired and taking it easy.

I’m a member of the local motorcycle club called the “High Rollers” MC. We do a lot of charity events to raise money cancer research. We have rose over $300,000 and donated every cent of it. We don’t keep any of the money raised.

As you can probably guess my hobbies are motorcycle riding and ham radio. I have two Harley-Davidsons, a 2000 Ultra Classic and a 2009 Road King. I have a Yaesu FTM-10 mobile mounted on the Road King. In the house I run an Allstar node 27832 and IRLP node 7597. There’s more information about the nodes on my QRZ page. I look forward to getting up every morning and checking into the Worldwide Friendship net. I enjoy hearing everyone check in from around the world. Well that’s a wrap. See you on the air.

      2009 Road King                    2000 Ultra Classic


Rosi Napady - VE4YYL

Rosi Napady - VE4YYL

I was born in Germany and moved to Canada in 1985.  I became interested in amateur radio because of my husband Glen VE4GWN.  After taking lessons in 2000 (along with my son Eric VE4EWN), I became VE4YYL in January 2001.

My main interest is community service with ARES and IRLP.


Tony Ciathos - G1JPV

Tony Ciathos - G1JPV


My Name is Tony  and my Callsign is G1JPV. I have been involved in Radio and Electronics for over 30 years, with some of my early working life as a Mechanical Engineer.

My Shack Radios are: Icom IC-746, Yaesu FT897D, & Yaesu FT857, with a Icom E880 for mobile getting into the Friendship net via my local node 5400(GB3PZ)

My main interest is designing and constructing antennas for all bands especially for portable use.

I am a Member of the R.S.G.B. and I read the GB2RS News on Sunday's. I am also a member of the Amateur Radio Relay League

I do get into a couple of nets on Dstar via REF005A or REF014A via my local Node GB7WC 

I enjoy Portable operations more than being in a nice warm shack, but my mobility has been reduced due to osteo-arthritis in my knees lately

73 from the UK

Jan VE7QE & Roy VE7IS McNeil

Jan VE7QE & Roy VE7IS McNeil

Hello All:

We are Jan VE7QE & Roy VE7IS McNeil. We live in Okanagan Falls, BC, Canada. We are both retired and have been since 1995. We enjoy Ham Radio as a hobby and have made so many great friends through it. With our travels we have met quite a few of them face to face and continually try to meet others.  

Our annual Christmas photo depicts “World Wide Friendship”. The glasses we hoist to cheer family and friends, originates from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England. Gifts of friendship we have exchanged with our close amateur friends Brian 2E0MSG & his xyl Mrs. F. (as we call her). 

The other photos are of our home away from home while traveling USA & Canada. We always enjoy checking into several nets while traveling. There is also one of us while on our trip to Jamaica for a family wedding and one of us  hiking the hills near Lake Havasu City, AZ. The bikes you see in two of the photos beside the Methow River, near Pateros, WA, are folding bikes and fit into the back seat of our truck nicely. We take them on almost every camping trip. We enjoy hiking and biking wherever we go. 

Here in Canada, we can have several callsigns, if you are willing to pay for them. Our licenses are good for life with no fees after the initial purchase. We both have more than one call sign. Jan has three, VE7QE, VE7TST & VE7BPN, of which there is a story to each. Roy has two now, but had three. The two he has now is VE7IS & VE7DTT. He gave up VE7RCL to a friend in Grand Forks, BC, Canada.  Jan started out with VE7TST and when her father passed away, she picked up VE7BPN. The VE7QE was suggested to her by a very good friend so she decided to take it and uses it as her main Ham Radio Identity “VE7QueenElizabeth. Roy’s original call sign was VE7DTT, then he picked up VE7RCL as a club call for our yearly Christina Lake Amateur Radio Club Picnic & Campout. He acquired VE7IS, when the original owner, a good friend, passed away. So that is the story of all our call signs.

VE7QE Camping at Quartzite AZ 2011 VE7QE & VE7IS hiking in AZ 2011
VE7IS & VE7QE in Jamaica 2010
Place mouse over photo to see caption. Click to enlarge.

Tracy Davis - N3FT

Tracy Davis - N3FT

Here is N3FT,  Tracy Davis from Longmont Colorado.  Licensed in Austin, Texas in 2003.   My original call sign was KD5WZZ. Seven years later I upgraded to General, Extra and picked up a 1X call. There is no special reason I have a 3 call sign. I have lived in many states ( AR, OK, TX, CA, UT, MO, CO) none of which are in 3 land.

I have worked in the IT business for a long time. Hopefully, my qrz page ( demonstrates that fact.  As you can see in my photo(s), I enjoy being in the outdoors. The skiing photo is with my daughter. We live 45 minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park. I feel very fortunate to have made so many friends through ham radio.  My qrz page shows a  Drake TR-4 that I bought from my friend Harold (K5MES) during a visit to AR.  Note the Hallicrafters S-40b which I have had since I was 7. I believe this radio is the reason I chose to be an Electrical Engineer.  Give me a call if you are in CO. We can make a few turns or take a ride and  visit one of our local microbreweries to have a cold one ! Cheers and 73 de N3FT. 


Kim Fendt - KD0QLR

Kim Fendt - KD0QLR


My name is kim and my call is KD0QLR. My husband and I are fairly new to Amateur Radio. We have always wanted to get involved and finally got going. We are loving every minute of it. We live in Eastern Colorado on a 118 acre ranch. Our ranch is called Isis Ranch, our website is I work at home taking care of cattle, horses, dairy goats, chickens, ducks and llamas. Our home is off-grid, we use only wind and solar power. Ham radio fits perfectly into our lifestyle of being self-sufficient. I am an Army veteran, a nurse and a mother. I have 4 grown children and we just welcomed our brand new Grandsons! Joshuah was born Nov 4, 11 and Jax was born Jan 24,11. I am a member of ARRL, Denver radio league and ARES D-22.

Alan Ogburn - M3ELP

Alan Ogburn - M3ELP


My name is Alan Ogburn. My call sign is M3ELP and my USA call is KJ6CEW, I live just out side of Liverpool, UK in a small town of RUNCORN, I took my Technician license in Twain Harte, CA in 2009.


Click to enlarge

Maren Geldmacher - DE9MHJ

Maren Geldmacher - DE9MHJ

Hi Keith,

It was nice listening to you and the friendship net today. I realized very late that you start at 14:00 UTC now.
This weekend there will be the 823rd Hamburg Port Anniversary. Perhaps I'll hear you there on the lighthouse ship "Elbe 1" (DBBR or DL0CUX/mm). The YLs of our districts M and E will be QRV.

73 de DE9MHJ


Frank Mallows - G1GYJ

Frank Mallows - G1GYJ

Originally born and grew up in Liverpool, I moved to Cheshire in 1969, where I have lived ever since.

I am now retired from full time work, having served 35 years with the same company as a computer engineer.

I was first licensed in 1984, I also joined the scout movement in the same year, firstly as an assistant leader in my village, then later as a radio communications adviser to the district, and was a founder member of the county radio communications team in Cheshire.

I run  J.O.T.A .  ( Jamboree On The Air ) stations each year in October under the call signs GB4 CHE, GB6 CHE, GX7 JOA, GB2 CS, and have been associated with the Chester scout station GB2 COS for the last few years also, both as a visitor and an operator.

Cheshire scouts organise an international jamboree, known as Chamborees, once every four years, the last one being in 2010 .  I have been asked to organise  amateur radio stations  for these camps, and have been station manager for the last 10 years.  

I am also a member of the Warrington Amateur Radio Club which meets in Grappenhall each Tuesday evening.

Frank G1GYJ

James Andrews - W8JWA

James Andrews - W8WJA

Click to enlarge

Jim Andrews of Kettering, Ohio

Roger Mullins - KD4ZVM

Roger Mullins - KD4VZM

Hello Everyone,

I have been a ham for about 20 years. I love the vhf/uhf bands and spend most of my time on simplex here in Hiltons Va. Most of my free time is spent working on Echolink nodes and do computer repair. God has blessed me with a wonderful family. My wife Sheila is not a ham. We have 3 great children, 1 grandson, and another one on the way. We don't know yet if its a boy or girl. I am having to retire for medical reason at the age of 44. I was a lab tech. with a cable TV repair service in Gate City, Va. So.....electronics has been in my blood for years (Ha Ha).

73 from Roger (KD4ZVM)


Terry Hill - N0PQV

Terry Hill - N0PQV

Here is our safest shot...Terry &  Little Terri....TnT....
The Beast and the Beauty....No she is not a ham! She's a
Sweetheart !

73 de N0PQV

George Heath - KF5IRG

George Heath - KF5IRG

My wife and our family took this cruise down to Ensenada ( a coastal city in Mexico, the third-largest in Baja California. Lying 125 kilometers (78 mi) south of San Diego on the Baja California Peninsula )
We borders in LA.

I'll send a pic of the shack later when I get time.

George Heath

James Madison - KB0NSO

James Madison - KB0NSO

James C. Madison Independence MO

I have been a Ham ever since 1986. I was in the Army Signal Core. I worked at the VFW HQ. for 22 years as a Private Security Officer. I am also a life member.  I was disabled IN 2010 so my radio days have went to the computer with Echolink and All-Star Links. I enjoy Ham Radio and have made a lot of friends. This Net keeps me going. Thanks to all who run this Net!

73s from Jim in Independence, MO 

    Therese M. Madison
        Born July 1946
     Passed March 2011



Robert Schubert - KC4FNE

Robert Schubert - KC4FNE

Here we go with phase-three of an Amateur Radio hobby which started in 1966 with the Novice call sign WN4EHH ( a bear trying to master with all of those “dits”). I have fond memories of sequestering myself in the basement, listening to signals from across the globe emerging from a speaker attached to a BC-794 war surplus Hammerlund receiver. This 18 tube radio and its RA-84B power supply would keep me warm on the coldest of nights. These pieces of equipment were not meant for individuals with bad backs. The radio and cabinet weighed in at 73 pounds with the power supply weighing in at 57 pounds for a heavyweight total of 130 pounds. At that point, I think the radio actually weighed more than I did. This radio covered 5 bands, 1.25 through 40 MHz. My Dad, Paul A. Schubert got me the radio from a co-worker at Sperry Piedmont Marine in Charlottesville, Virginia. I have fond memories of removing the front panel and taking it to an automotive spray shop to give it a new lease on life. I also remember anxiously waiting to get the radio back from having it tuned and aligned. This work was done by Roy Hager owner and proprietor of Hager Radio and TV in Orange, Virginia, a Ham radio operator himself. The transmitter was a Johnson Viking Adventurer covering 80 through 10 meters; though I was relegated to 80 meters armed with my precious collection of 6 crystals. It didn't seem to cramp my style very much; I remember lots of contacts made with only those 6. The antenna was an inverted V fed by coax crossing the street to a vacant lot. 

As I reflect back, I owe a debt of gratitude to those “Elmers” who helped get me started. These were a group of individuals who were extremely generous with their time and very patient with what I'm sure was a kid that was a bit of a nuisance. Never did they shoo me away, they always took time to answer my questions. One individual in particular deserves recognition, and that is Mason E. Seay of Orange, Virginia. He had to be the one that gets the tolerance award, as he lived down the street from us and I constantly was knocking on their door to spend quality time sitting in front of a magic piece of equipment that could transport you to any place on the globe. It was Mr. Seay that encouraged me to get my Novice License. There was a very supportive Ham community in Orange, Virginia. The names I seem to recall were; Wade Stephen KN4DCO, Gifford Durrer K4DCL, and Robert E. Lee K4DCN.

Jump forward fifteen years. There was a lapse of operating Ham radio when I graduated from Orange County High School and went to Virginia Tech to get an undergraduate and graduate degree in Architecture. Academics, working, and supporting a growing family entered in. It was Gene Barfield, N4NZ that got me hooked again. I retook my Novice exam, dusting off my 5WPM code and coming away with call sign KA4IXD. The rig at that time was a Heathkit HW101 SSB transceiver. This is where I learned to appreciate the virtues of a VFO! A period of inactivity and lapse of memory resulted in another callsign when I forgot to renew my license but was grandfathered in with my current call sign KC4FNE.

Here is where I enter the third and current phase of Amateur Radio. Boy have things changed! The digital revolution has entered in and seems to have transformed Amateur Radio communication. Things I could have only dreamt about in 1966 are a reality in 2010. Through a colleague, (Thom Mills, KJ4WSI) search on Craigslist for used amateur radio equipment, he discovered a treasure trove of used radio gear left behind from the estate of Silent Key, William (Bill) Phlegar, N8VT who passed away on 04/27/10 at the young age of 63. I was able to equip a complete functioning station with the HF portion covered by a Kenwood TS-850s and the VHF/UHF portion provided by a Yaseu FT-736R. The antenna system is currently a trap dipole antenna, model D-54, 80 through 10 meters made by SPI-RO Manufacturing with an overall length of 97'. Another debt of gratitude is owed Steve Butler, an executor of Bill's estate. Steve made all of this possible by being extremely generous and accommodating by allowing radio gear to be tried before being purchased. Inspired by all the frequency coverage provided by my HF and VHF/UHF rigs, I upgraded to General class by passing both the Technician and General portions in January 2011.

Another person who has also been very encouraging in this process is Brian Squibb, W4PAJ. Brian is another colleague of mine who has been fielding questions from me on a non-stop basis. Last-but-not least is my very patient wife Patrice. A technology savvy spouse is a godsend but to have one that will put up with an antenna strung above the yard, and to say she doesn't begrudge me the money I spend on my hobby, is priceless! The only concession I've had to make, was agreeing to remove the antenna if we have a garden party. I can live with that!

I apologize for the long litany of names mentioned in this biography, but I've come to realize in my ripe old age of 59, that this hobby is not only built on the technology but on the friendships and relationships that emerge. I just wanted the opportunity to say thanks for all the help I received along the way. One pledge I would like to make publicly is to be as generous as those before me to help grow this hobby. I've also come to realize that Amateur Radio is exactly what this generation of kids needs. Being a father of a fourteen year old, and an Assistant Scoutmaster, I get to experience this firsthand. When compared to the Internet and video games, Amateur Radio is a bit like fly fishing. It takes skill, finesse, and patience. It is not always on, immediate and in your face like the Internet. I'm not ignoring what digital technology has brought us, but like everything else, success is based on a balanced approach. Amateur radio is one of those mediums that can provide that balance.




Joe Vanacore - KT7JOE

Joe Vanacore - KT7JOE

Hello everyone, my name is Joe, KT7JOE, and I live in Las Vegas Nevada. I grew up in Queens New York and after completing Basic Training in the U.S. Army I moved to Las Vegas. I was then deployed for Operation Desert Storm in 1990 and served until the end of 1991. In 1992 I started to get sick, not knowing that my illness was related to my serving in combat and by being exposed to various chemicals. Although being ill, I worked as a State Correctional Officer at Nevada’s Maximum Security Prison. I then moved on to working for AFSCME Local 4041 in which I was a Union Labor Representative, defending the rights of all State and Public Service Employees. As my illness progressed I was forced into a medical retirement and was bedridden for around 2 years. During the time I was bedridden, I started my own Business, Nevada Labor Representation Services, and continued to represent those within Public Service. Recently, as reality started to set in, I realized that working was not going to be an option as I was now almost completely disabled. In all of my jobs, I have used a radio except for when I worked for the Union. But even though I did not use a radio while working for the Union I spoke all the time, and I enjoyed meeting new people from all over the world.

 When I was a kid I used to be big on AM Radio, mostly CB’s using SSB, USB, and LSB. I was always amazed at how much distance I could get working the sideband frequencies. After many months trying to find something to do, I thought about getting licensed as an Amateur Radio Operator and I passed my test on May 10, 2012 becoming a Technician. I had already purchased 4 Yaesu Ft 60 Handheld Radios and a Kenwood TH D-72 Handheld Radio also.

 I signed up to be a Net Controller for the Nevada Skywarn NET, the Disaster Communication Forum, and the American Red Cross Nets too!! I am hoping that someday I can be a NET Controller here on the World Wide Friendship Net once I get more experience with the other Nets which I have joined… I just recently purchased 2 additional Yaesu 8800 Mobile Radios, one for the car, and one that I use at home connected to an outdoor J-pole Antenna. It’s not much, but I think it’s a pretty good start!!

 What I didn’t mention are the folks that got me going on the radio the most!! AES in Las Vegas, Luke Rohn, and the rest of the AES staff!! Mr. Kent Johnson, W7AOR, Nevada Amateur Radio and Repeaters Inc. giving me use of the Western Reflector, and having the patience to teach me the little bit that I now know since allot has changed since I was a kid!! Also helping me along was Chuck, KE7VWP who’s laugh, humor, and kindness has also inspired my Wife Linda who will be hopefully be getting her license soon!! Craig, K9UGF whom I just met in person after talking to him on the radio here in Las Vegas is getting me more involved too, as he invited me to my first Field Day this year, and between both he and his Wife, we have had a great time hanging out together. The next set of Amateurs I would like to meet in person is hopefully Travis, KF7UQR, and of course my neighbor Joe, KF7GZZ!! It’s always nice to meet those who are behind the voice!! I am hoping that in the future I get to meet the rest of the WWFN gang throughout my retirement, and continue having a lot of fun!!

 I also like many other things, but what I cherish the most after almost losing my Life several times is Life itself, not to mention my Beautiful Wife Linda, and the rest of my wonderful Family!! Thanks to the WWFN Controllers for making the start of my day, the best part of my day!! 73’

 Warmest Regards,
Joe Vanacore, KT7JOE

Eric Blumberg (Pops) - KF5MQJ

Eric Blumberg (Pops) - KF5MQJ

Born in 1947. The eldest of 3 sons, sister, and one 5 years older than me.
US Navy  1964 and 1965.In active reserves until 1968.
20 years  in law enforcement and 18 years in narcotics.
1974 Law Enforcement's Officer of The Year
1981 VFW Law Enforcement's Officer of The Year
12 years at Continental Airlines
2006 thru 2009 I was in Iraq as civilian contractor
IED hit in 2007
Received 13 Plaques, a flag, and 11 Unit Coins from the military.
Married for 10 years now to Paula (Buttercup)
Lost a daughter at age 10 months to a house fire in Oct. 1986
Lost a second daughter at age 27 to a Brown Recluse Spider bite in 1994

I am a devout Christian.
Firmly believe in " Valhalla", a special place in Heaven for Warriors. (Onward Christian Soldiers). We assist St. Michael in  Guarding the Gates of Heaven. I have earned my place there.
Love and Prayers to all.

Pops, KF5MQJ

               Pops & SSG Stallings                                         Pops & The Boys

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Roy Colescott - KD7WA

Roy Colescott - KD7WA

Hi Keith.....Here is a photo of me and my wife Sue for the Friends area. Thanks a lot and......



Robert Kenyon - 2E0OFF

Robert Kenyon - 2E0OFF
Hi all,

I've been licensed 24/09/2009 passed my foundation license and became M6GRK. Then passed my intermediate license 29/10/2010 and became 2E0OFF ( I know a Strange call was joking with friends about having off as a call but ended up with it as the call I wanted was taken )

I will be trying to pass my advanced license soon and then another change to my call ( I make it a nice one to remember ) ..
i have my own Internet gateway ( node ) 568056  which I love to use as my landlord stopped me from having HF antennas up so I can still play radio from the house and then if I want to play HF I jump in the car and get up real high and see where I can get ..
Radio's I work are  Icom 3230H as the linking radio  and a Baofeng UV-5r Handy to chat to the link 
Also I have an Icom 7000 in the car ( nice radio ) with the HS-1800 Pro antenna .. Work very nice together from the mobile .
Pictures of what I use are on my website ( )
I live in Stalybridge which is no good for radio as I'm in a valley with hills all the way around me .. I'm from a town called Denton which is about 4 miles away from Stalybridge so I've not moved that far away from my home town ..
Things I do to keep me occupied are play radio , update my site weekly , and make vinyl decals ( for cars , windows , walls etc etc )
Well that's all from me 73's hope to listen / chat to you all in the future ..
Rob - 2E0OFF


Allen KD8BMI & Linda KD8GDW, Harris

Allen KD8BMI & Linda KD8GDW

Allen (KD8BMI) and Linda (KD8GDW)Morgantown,West Virginia

Allen (KD8BMI)  Linda (KD8GDW) Camping picture at Revells campground ,near Elkins West Virginia


Elliot Sanchez, KD8SND

Elliot Sanchez, KD8SND

Elliot lives with his parents in Centerville, Ohio. Elliot is involved in a lot of public service work all over the greater Dayton area. Elliot Works for the City of Kettering as a School Bus Driver. Elliot came here from new Your, but after the 9/11 incident he could no longer stand living or working in the city. Elliot wants to get his General class license and work worked wide DX on the low bands. Currently he works a lot of 2 Meters and 70 CM. Right now he has hand held radios but wants to get a larger higher powered radio.


Erik McCord, WX4ET

Erik McCord, WX4ET

My name is Erik E. McCord & I reside in Kingsport, TN. I'm married to Thera (KK4HGW) & have two girls, Macy & Erika. I am co-owner & forecaster of 

On Wednesday, November 24, 2010, I took my Technician test and passed. Then as of 9 AM ET on Monday, November 29, 2010, I received my call sign "KJ4ZIT". Saturday, February 12, 2011 took my General test and passed. As of Friday, February 18, 2011, I have upgraded to General. Saturday, February 25, 2012 took my Extra test and passed. As of Thursday, March 1, 2012, I have upgraded to Amateur Extra.

I serve as the Sullivan County Coordinator for WX4TN Northeast Tennessee District 7 SKYWARN, Event Coordinator for the Boy Scout Expo at the Appalachian Fairgrounds in Gray, TN focusing on Amateur Radio Merit Badge working with Troop 224 / Limestone, TN; Director/ QSL Manager / Public Relations for, provide communications for various events throughout my area. Control OP for the KD4ZVM-L (146.440 MHz / Simplex) EchoLink Node # 664048 located in Hiltons, Virginia. I am trained by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in command communications. I am certified in Response and Incident Command Communications, ICS-100, ICS-200, IS-00700.a, IS-00800.b, IS-00802, & IS-00907. I am also a Volunteer Examiner through the ARRL VEC, W5YI-VEC, and Western Carolina VEC (WCARS).

73 KJ4ZIT,
Erik E. McCord


Linda Lu Vanacore, KF7YMV

Linda Lu Vanacore, KF7YMV

My name is Linda Lu KF7YMV, and I am married to my wonderful husband Joe KT7JOE, have two teenage boys, a cat named Charm and live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have a BFA in Illustration, website design and maintenance, enjoy painting and drawing and have always wanted to be an Art teacher. Currently I work for a website developing company and enjoy meeting people while being a net controller. I was born and raised in So California and hope Joe and I can move back there some day! I decided to get my amateur license after Joe did because he was having a great time and meeting so many good people. Thank you for letting me be a net controller for The World Wide Friendship Net. Talk to you soon..


Matt Roberts, N9GMR

Matt Roberts, N9GMR

I was first licensed in 1989 with the call Sign N3GZM. My call was changed to N9GMR, in 2009 because I wanted my initials for the suffix of my call. My father was born and raised in Indiana, so I decided to get a vanity call. He passed away in 2007, and talked on amateur radio under my call. Getting a call sign originating in the area he was raised was a way I could honor him.

My primary interests in Amateur radio are VHF/UHF communications and internet linking. I am the owner of IRLP node 4515 Allstar 28142 and Echolink 640860. The Allstar node is actually a low power repeater. The machine is located at my house. It uses two Icom mobile radios, along with a PC running Linux. The range of the repeater is about a mile, and it puts out about 5 watts. The antennas are mag-mounts. One is located on the radio cabinet, and the other is behind my desk.
449.875 Tone 100.0

The repeater is also accessible via web and phone. Visit for more information about this linking method.
The IRLP node is a Micro Node sold by Micro Node International.

My other interests in addition to amateur radio are motorcycles, aviation, and computers.

Matt and friend on Motorcycle

Jowe Rowe - WJ0WE & Jess Rowe - KF5THP

Jowe Rowe - WJ0WE

Jess Rowe - KF5THP


We are Jowe and Jess (and Anika is the baby). We live in San Antonio, TX. I am basically retired and my wife stays home as well so we both have lots of time to spend having fun with our daughter Anika. I received my Tech license back in January of this year (2013) and my wife, Jess, got her Tech license in June of this year. I just upgraded to General and am studying for my Extra right now with the hopes to take the test on 20 JUL 2013.

We both have participated in the World Wide Friendship Net for a couple weeks now and look forward to it each day. Thank you to everyone that participates and those that put the net together. It's a great way to start each day!

You can usually find us monitoring the KB5UJM repeater in San Antonio, TX. (Echolink Node Number: 64235. 442.350+ PL: 82.5. ) Feel free to stop in and say hello anytime! 

Jowe and Jess


"The Chief" Brian Hatfield, WD8DCS

Brian Hatfield, WD8DCS
"The Chief"


Hellow Everyone, I'm Chief Brian, WD8DCS, a retired Chief of Police. I live in Oregon,  Ohio, a suburb of Toledo, Ohio. I was a Novice back in the 1970's and WD8DCS was my original Call Sign.  I am married to a wonderful gal and have four kids, even two grandchildren. I started my Career in Law Enforcement in The Ohio Army National Guard as an M. P.

I started  my Public Law Enforcement Career in Kansas and graduated from the Police Academy thru the University of Kansas  and was a Police Officer in a town in Kansas. I was also a Chief of Police in a town in Missouri, where I graduated from the Missouri State Highway Patrol Academy. In the 1980's I worked in Southern Florida in Law Enforcement.  I graduated from the Academy in Ohio and was a Chief of Police in a town here in Ohio. I was a Certified Police Academy Instructor in Ohio and taught at the Police Academy Headquarters in London, Ohio. 

I have completed  Masters Degree Course work from North Western University, Il.,  "Police Staff and Command School". I received an award from the FBI for Exceptional Service in the Public Interest, Recognition from the State of Ohio the House and Senate for my work in legislation of Domestic Violence.

 I believe Govt., should follow the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and in God We Trust!

You can e mail me at

73's to all!!
Chief Brian Hatfield (Ret)

Erik Cudd, KD8YOA

Erik Cudd, KD8YOA

Greetings! This Erik, KD8YOA, soon to be W4EBC in Xenia, OH. I am a former Radio Professional on the Commercial side as an On-Air Announcer for 23 years. Found the WWFN Net one morning and decided to drop in and enjoy the chew. Currently I only have a Kenwood TH-F6A HT and live in an apartment so my focus for now is 2m/1.25m/70cm. I look forward to earning my General and Extra, as well as participating in Community Communications, and maybe volunteering with ARES. Feel free to write or contact through QRZ, and 73’s.

Erik Cudd
KD8YOA-Technician Class





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