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On this page you can learn a little about the WWFN Net Controllers, founders, and the origin of the Net. If you are looking for some particular piece of information, contact us at kdh@donet.com and we will either get it on the Site or get back to you with the information.

Harold Gilbert
WWFN Founder
Backup Net Controller

Call - K5MES

Harold Hails from the state of Arkansas. Harold loves Boot Scootin' and other CNW dances. Give him a microphone and he will sing like a bird. You can contact him at: hgilbert42@hotmail.com

Chuck Jones
WWFN Founder
Thursday Net Controller
Network Integrity


This little line from co founder and Thursday Net  Control. My name is Chuck Jones KE7ZWP. I love nature and watching it. I love to fish bait, spinner, and fly fish. Most of all I like to help people and make them laugh or smile. It takes there minds off of the bad things in life for a short time and makes them think. Life is short and if my only purpose in life is to  help some one or make them smile then so be it and Ill feel good too
Contact Chuck at:

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The first photo is of my kids and grandkids. The next is of Old Faithful Yellowstone Park. Finally the last is of  Tetons looking across Yellowstone Lake.

Keith Hardin
Tuesday Net Controller
Web Site Operations


Keith is a 53 year veteran of Amateur Radio. He has been into computers, networks, & programming for 30 years. Web Sites for 15 years. Keith is active in HR education & testing and is a VE. Contact Keith at: kdh@thehardins.us 

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Shon Edwards
Saturday Net Controller


I grew up in the town of Normal, Illinois, but it wasn't until I moved to Utah that I became interested in ham radio. My Elmer was my 7th grade teacher, Mr. Anderson, W7UKD. But still didn't get my amateur license until 1997, when I got My Tech Plus license. A year later I had my Extra. I had never been that elated, even when I received my MA after long hard study. My favorite thing to do is to be a VE and am currently a CVE for W5YI. When I'm not hamming, I love genealogy, languages, and being with my family. I love all bands and modes, but especially have a liking for the more rare kinds of bands and modes. I love 60 M and have contacted 37 states on it. Our neighborhood emergency operations are on 1.25 M and so we never have anyone running over us or us over them. My family are almost all hams. My 13 year old son James (AE7IE) has been an Extra for 2 years and my twins Seth (N0SRE) and Jared (N2JAE), Generals for two years. My lovely wife Roya is N0RME, a Tech of 15 years. Seth is gunning for his Extra this year. My kids' club, the NUYARC (Northern Utah Youth Amateur Radio Club) is currently running some code and upgrade classes.

Contact Shon at: 1966@gmail.com

A Brief History Of The World Wide Friendship Net

The World Wide Friendship Net has been in business for over two years now. Way back when, the Net was called "Say Good Morning With Radio Net." Both Harold Gilbert and Chuck Jones served on this Net as Controllers. After a period of time, the person who started the Net got tired of running it and offered it to Harold. Harold took control of the net and got Chuck to work with him on getting the Net restarted. They decided that the Net needed a new name. After a period of time deliberating names, they decided to put out the call on the Net to get other people's opinions. After all was said and done, they decided on the World Wide Friendship Net.

After that, they moved forward on the 9611 Reflector. As the Net proceeded ahead it grew and grew. Unfortunately because of health issues with Harold's wife Linda, he was forced to back out and made taking care of Linda his full time responsibility. Harold does do back up Net Controller if needed. Chuck then proceeded to Manage the Net by himself.

After more than two years of growth, Chuck (with Harold's blessing) decided to move the Net from the 9611 Reflector to the 9251 Reflector. Doing this would make it possible for the WWFN to be on both IRLP and Echo Link. This would also greatly increase the amount of participation by Hams all over the world. The move was made and with a huge amount of success.

Chuck decided that he needed help managing the Net. So the position of Assistant Net Director was offered and accepted by Keith D. Hardin. Keith is also the Tuesday Net Controller. Chuck decided that it was time for the WWFN to make it's presence known on the Internet. So he asked Keith to develop a Web site for the Net. This Site has added to the Net's growth and has been well received by everyone.

In conclusion Chuck said that if he had it to do all over again, he would definitely do it with no hesitation!